Wild Rice Grain Bowl with Chicken

After having a wild rice bowl at a local restaurant I told my P.S. they’d be easy to make at home.  I wouldn’t have any problem chopping and layering a great grain bowl.  P.S. (Patient Spouse) was interested in the idea since he hadn’t ordered the bowl.  He’s more of a rice blend person than I am and was looking longingly at my meal.    Later I looked up ideas online to see what combinations looked best to make it a meal dish. Continue reading

Root Beer Marinade

My friend Julie at A Solitary Feast posted a recipe recently that intrigued me. It was a root beer marinade for chicken and it looked all sorts of delicious! I adore root beer and I had to buy root beer and some chicken.  Buying groceries was a challenge. I hadn’t been shopping since the virus hit and frankly I was petrified. My P.S. is a bread man and does most of our shopping. I’d rather give him a list and let him deal with the possible germs. Continue reading

One Pot Chicken Tortilla Casserole

One Pot Chicken Enchilada Bowl

One Pot Chicken Enchilada Bowl

I was looking for a way to use chicken breasts and some leftover rice. I also had leftover corn tortillas and I thought of trying a dish similar to my Mexican Bowl I make with beef. I could use a variety of ingredients to bring together a bowl of enchilada goodness. It would also be similar to my Mexican Lasagna that I make with either beef or chicken. I was definitely aiming for a Mexican comfort food served in a bowl. Continue reading