Roasted Asparagus Soup


Cup of Asparagus Soup

Cup of Roasted Asparagus Soup

Soup-er Monday! Time for a fragrant, steaming cup of asparagus soup. Once you smell this rich and tasty soup you will never forget that fragrance. I’ve made the soup several times, including for our Christmas Eve buffet this year. We used green shot glasses and topped them with two croutons. The shooters were a hit! Continue reading

Sweet Red Pepper Soup {and soup storage ideas}



So many of my recipes involve my sister, Linda, that I should set aside one day a week for Linda Recipes.  I’ll have to work that into a schedule soon.  For now I’m going to talk about this wonderful soup that Linda and I are both hooked on.  Roasted sweet red pepper soup has become our favorite soup of all time.  We crave this soup! Since we’re both in the middle of another blizzard that is sweeping a wide path up the state here in the North, soup seems like a good topic for a blustery day. Continue reading

Cauliflower Gouda Soup {it is SO goud-a}

Cauliflower Gouda Soup

Soup Day: Cauliflower Gouda

Pureed soups are my absolute favorite. You can discover amazing depths of flavors all in one mouthful by simply using an immersion blender. You may laugh, but I didn’t even know we owned one until my P.S. casually asked “wouldn’t using the immersion blender be easier than putting that hot soup in the blender?” Pfft! Continue reading