Mock Chow Mein

Mock Chow Mein Mock Chow Mein

Another family favorite growing up was mock chow mein casserole. Even back then I wondered at the name. Besides the obvious chow mein noodles, it was nothing like the chow mein we had out of cans. I’m not sure where it got the name but eventually I adapted it to include a few Chinese type vegetables.  You can use your own favorites in this recipe. Continue reading

Fun with Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash with Chicken and Asparagus Spaghetti Squash with Chicken and Asparagus

We weren’t done with our fall spaghetti squash binges yet. My P.S. (Purchaser of Squash/ hubby) brought home another spaghetti squash and I went searching for recipes. I didn’t find what I wanted. I had fresh asparagus and mushrooms and some frozen sweet bell peppers I wanted to use along with some leftover rotisserie chicken breasts. It was going to be another version of Chopped in my kitchen! Continue reading

Red Wine Braised Roast Beef

Red Wine Braised Roast Beef

Red Wine Braised Roast Beef

We’ve had a very busy summer and cooking at home has been sadly lacking.  I could tell you the menu at almost every restaurant in town but not the contents of my freezer!  In fact I was digging through that freezer a few days ago to find things to thaw and eat.  I was determined to reduce the meat clutter in there so I could buy boxes of Outshine Fruit Bars, which were on sale.  Truth!
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