Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is probably my favorite pie. Which probably seems odd because I don’t like nuts in most anything else. I like them straight up, out of hand but not when cooked or baked. I guess I like them still crunchy. Which would then explain my love for pecan pie. The nuts are still crunchy and that underlayer of caramel goodness? Oh. My. Word, Continue reading

Pecan Caramel Apple Bars

I was looking for an easy bar recipe. This one looked good because it had sweetened condensed milk poured over it. That’s almost always a good idea. Things get chewy and caramel-y. I really wanted to use up some apples that were languishing away in the fridge. The recipe only called for 2 apples but I used 3. After I cored and peeled the apples they weren’t a large amount anyway. Continue reading

Wild Rice Grain Bowl with Chicken

After having a wild rice bowl at a local restaurant I told my P.S. they’d be easy to make at home.  I wouldn’t have any problem chopping and layering a great grain bowl.  P.S. (Patient Spouse) was interested in the idea since he hadn’t ordered the bowl.  He’s more of a rice blend person than I am and was looking longingly at my meal.    Later I looked up ideas online to see what combinations looked best to make it a meal dish. Continue reading