Meat Lovers Pizza Soup {Our 6th Anniversary!}

Meat Lovers Pizza Soup Meat Lovers Pizza Soup

Six years old! I was amazed when I saw I had reached 1,000 followers a few months back, and the number keeps climbing. What a cool bunch of people you are, to follow my blog and read my recipes! Over the past 6 years I’ve posted 869 recipes and I still enjoy sharing my ideas. I’ve only accidentally repeated a recipe a couple of times..  My memory is perhaps not as strong as my creative streak! Continue reading

Papa Murphy’s Pizza {review}

Papa Murphy's Chicago-style Stuffed Pizza

Papa Murphy’s Chicago-style Stuffed Pizza

As a new wife and eventually a mother, I had a run at making my own pizzas.  I started with the big Betty Crocker cookbook’s crust recipe and moved on from there.  I never produced anything worth writing home about.  I was better at finding the best pizza parlor in town and sticking with it.  We like a yeasty crust and I really have no patience with breads or yeasty baked goods.  I tried, but my crusts were never as good as the professionals.  When I think of pizza I want it to be worthy of eating.  All that time kneading and waiting for it to rise better be worth it! Continue reading

Hawaiian Pizzas with Boboli Thin Crusts

Boboli Thin Crust Pizza

Boboli Thin Crust Pizza

My P.S. often brings home food items that end up with me participating in my own episode of Chopped.  When he brought home Boboli pizza crusts recently I was surprised.  We don’t make pizza.  We have pizza delivered or pick up a take and bake.  I love Hawaiian pizza: ham, pineapple, black olives and lots of cheese.  I would make Hawaiian pizzas for dinner! Continue reading