Dad’s Favorite Soup: Saurkraut and Shredded Pork Shoulder

Dad's Sauerkraut Shredded Pork Soup

Dad’s Sauerkraut Shredded Pork Soup

Time to return to my favorite hobby: food blogging. I took a break for a few months after my father’s death.  I needed to deal with grief as well as his estate. I have, however, also been photographing my most interesting recipes in the meanwhile.  It’s about time to make them into posts again. Hopefully I’ll remember the steps I took in making them! Continue reading

Pretzel and Mustard Coated Schnitzel

Pretzel Crusted Schnitzel

I don’t often cook to accommodate my German side.  I find the noodle and potato heavy meals very dense.  As I age I prefer lighter meals with more vegetables and fruits.  I never thought I’d say that, but life slows down after I eat a heavy meal and I need a nap.  Ha.  But schnitzel?  Well I do love my fried, crusty pork cutlets with a bit of a mustard sauce.  And not only during Oktoberfest! Continue reading

Fall Risotto {Squash and Spinach}

Fall Risotto

Fall Risotto

Risotto is one of my favorite foods.  It’s a dish I learned how to make several years ago, it wasn’t something we ate when I grew up.  It takes a little time to stand and stir, add more broth, and repeat until the rice is tender but I think it’s worth every minute.  I like a regular risotto made with wine, onions, broth and Parmesan as well as a risotto garnished with spinach or squash or other vegetables.  This risotto had both spinach and squash! Continue reading