Almond Milk Egg Bake

Almond Milk Egg Bake

Almond Milk Egg Bake

The question was raised: can we substitute almond milk for the usual milk when making an egg bake?  When my P.S. (Princely Spouse with mild lactose intolerance) said he was giving up egg bakes because of intestinal issues, I was devastated.  I love to make them and have pieces on hand in the freezer for quick breakfasts!  I couldn’t make them just for myself! Continue reading

A Bundt-iful Breakfast Bake

Breakfast Bundt Breakfast Bundt

I know, it’s like I press the “Lame” button and this stuff just rolls right off my tongue.  Naming my recipes is a bit difficult for me, but I am fairly successful at cooking, so I do try.  I want the name to sound as good as the finished product, and maybe make you laugh.  Or groan.  We don’t all have the same humor, I realize.  My humor often turns naughty, but that’s another story! Continue reading

Crustless Quiches {feast or freeze}

Crustless Quiches

Individual Crustless Quiches

Breakfast is the meal I just LOVE.  I love eggs, I love muffins, and I love BACON!  Any kind of dish made with eggs looks so good I find myself thinking “I have to make that for breakfast!”  The reality is that I love to look at breakfast foods and I love to dream of making breakfast foods and eating them, but I do not like to get up in the morning and make them. Continue reading