I’m Old Enough To Dislike Certain Foods

Foods I DislikeI’m not a fussy eater. I would say I’m pretty open-minded about most foods. I will try anything once, and maybe a second time, to make sure it’s not to my taste. And I’ll try it again a few years later ( like 30 years) to make sure my tastes haven’t changed. Hence beets, Brussels sprouts, Roquefort dressing and other things have become a part of my eating habits as I’ve aged.  But at 60 I’ve decided I’m old enough to dislike certain foods without apologizing. Continue reading

My Bundt Picture is Famous

Breakfast Bundt Breakfast Bundt

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a picture I took of a bundt egg dish I made . I called it a Bundt-iful Breakfast BakeThe post has been fairly popular on my blog, often appearing in the trending pictures.  And then someone stole the picture for her blog.  It also appears on her Facebook post that links to her blog.  I should maybe be flattered, but I’m not.  She used a totally different recipe! Continue reading

Thoughts While Recovering From the Flu

I’ve had the flu for a week and it’s been more miserable than usual.  Maybe we get hit harder when we’re older?  I’m getting to an age where I have to start agreeing.  I will claim age as an excuse for not remembering to get a flu shot last fall.  The shot might have made the flu a little easier to handle.  I proactively put a reminder on my calendar for this coming fall.  GET SHOT!  I thought that was funny in my dazed state. Continue reading