Chilled Green Bean Salad with Creamy Horseradish Sauce

I saw this great chilled green bean salad on a post by Alex Guarnashelli in Facebook. She either made it on The Kitchen or that’s where she got the recipe. It sounded great to me, I like cold green beans and like adding horseradish to salads to give them a little kick.  Plus Alex usually has some pretty tasty ideas.  I had fresh green beans and was ready to roll. Continue reading

Red Eye Gravy with Ham on Rice

I hadn’t made red eye gravy in years, and I was craving it this year after Easter.  The baked ham produced a nice cup of drippings that were calling out to be used.  I wanted bits of ham in the gravy, served over white rice.  I could imagine the flavors, the aroma while the gravy was cooking.  Yum to the third degree!  I’m finally getting around to posting it! Continue reading

Root Beer Marinade

My friend Julie at A Solitary Feast posted a recipe recently that intrigued me. It was a root beer marinade for chicken and it looked all sorts of delicious! I adore root beer and I had to buy root beer and some chicken.  Buying groceries was a challenge. I hadn’t been shopping since the virus hit and frankly I was petrified. My P.S. is a bread man and does most of our shopping. I’d rather give him a list and let him deal with the possible germs. Continue reading