Vegetable Medley

Sometimes I toss a bunch of chopped and sliced vegetables into a skillet, stir fry and create vegetable nirvana. I impress my P.S. as well as myself. He thinks I’m talented, I know I just got lucky. We love veg medleys and usually eat them from a steamer bag purchased in the freezer cases. Or we wing it and get all chef-y. Continue reading

Rice Krispies Bars with Peanut Butter

I wanted chocolate and peanut butter and to use up a few cups of Rice Krispies that I’d found in a recent search and destroy mission in my cupboards. I searched for a recipe on Pinterest and found just the one. It would also use up a bag of mini marshmallows I’d found on my cleaning mission. It was meant to be.. until I found I already had a post on Peanut Butter Rice Krispies Bars. Continue reading

Memorable Tuna Pasta Salad

It was a gloomy Sunday.. wait, didn’t I already start a post like that recently? Lately Sundays haven’t been the bright and sunny days off I look forward to. With all of the doom and drama in the world at least the weather could cooperate. Cheesh.  It was time to create a memorable salad I would look forward to for a few meals.  It would be a meal in itself or a side dish, depending on my mood. Continue reading