Cold Asparagus Salad

I love asparagus. Hot or cold, it’s always a special treat. Around the holidays when it goes on sale I’m so there. My Dad used to love it as well. I taught him how to snap off the ends to remove the rubbery parts then fry it in a little butter or bacon grease until tender. Add salt and there’s your veg! My Dad ate asparagus several times a week in his last months. He was proud of having conquered making his favorite side dish. Continue reading

Peach Whip

I needed a gluten free dessert recently and that’s not as easy as you’d think.  I wanted to use canned peaches in some way in a sort of creamy mixture.  Pudding wasn’t an option because the boxes of pudding I had all listed barley, another no-no for people who need to avoid gluten.  I decided to throw together a mixture of cream cheese and yogurt as the creamy base for my fruit dessert.  I either got lucky or was wise.  Probably the former. It was delicious. Lots of fruity goodness! Continue reading

Memorable Tuna Pasta Salad

It was a gloomy Sunday.. wait, didn’t I already start a post like that recently? Lately Sundays haven’t been the bright and sunny days off I look forward to. With all of the doom and drama in the world at least the weather could cooperate. Cheesh.  It was time to create a memorable salad I would look forward to for a few meals.  It would be a meal in itself or a side dish, depending on my mood. Continue reading