Cinnamon Chex Snack Mix

i like any of the snack mixes made with Rice Chex or Corn Chex. Chex even makes and sells some great combinations themselves now. i saw this recipe for a toasted cinnamon snack mix and couldn’t resist. It’s nice to have these around during the holidays to munch on when we’re okaying games and drinking beverages. Continue reading

Cauliflower “Shrimp” Cocktail

I’d been wanting to revisit a post I did 6 years ago (6 years!) that transformed cauliflower into shrimp. It was so good I just couldn’t get over how much it actually tasted like shrimp.  I used almost the same recipe to boil raw shrimp for many years and this was a cheaper way to enjoy the same flavors.  It was time to enjoy it again while cauliflower was in season. Continue reading

Snackin’ Beans

Green Bean Snack

Green Bean Snack

Trust me to take a perfectly nutritious vegetable and complicate it.  At least I’m not adding any calories to it; it’s going to be a super healthy snack.  There are just times that regular vegetables need to be gussied up, given new flavors.  This is a simple way to make green beans into a snack you’ll be pulling out of the fridge in handfuls.  Really. Continue reading