Egg Salad Spam-wiches

Egg Salad Spam-wich

Egg Salad Spam-wich

We were joking about sandwiches to accompany the pork and greens crockpot soup I’ve previously posted.  I suggested a chopped Spam salad.  My P.S. was horrified and said Spam should only be served with eggs.  I said “Challenge accepted, I can make egg salad with Spam!”  I got the PHE (patented husband eyeroll).  But it’s a great idea to use up any extra Easter eggs you might soon have in the fridge! Continue reading

Tot Waffle Panini

Tater Tot Waffle PaniniWe live downwind from a tater tot factory. I kid you not, we smell them and other fried potato products so much that we rarely eat them. A good tater tot hotdish craving will force me to buy them but not often. When I bought a Panini press I knew I’d need a bag of tater tots because I wanted to iron them into a flat shape for breakfast. Continue reading

Spam in the a.m. {Spam Strata}

Spam Spinach Strata

Spam!  For many years I lived in Minnesota, where Spam was first produced by Hormel Foods in 1937. Although I hear that Hawaiians are the biggest consumers of Spam, and even have it on the menus in McDonald’s and Burger Kings, I’m a Spam fan, I don’t care what’s in it; like hot dogs it’s comfort food because I ate it as a kid. Continue reading