10 Minute White Bean Soup

I’d been wanting to try this 10 minute soup for months but never had spinach on hand when I thought of making it.  And I thought a little ham added to the soup couldn’t be a bad thing.  Ham, beans, they’re a good pairing.  So finally I had all of the ingredients.  I even had fresh parsley, which is rare.  The soup was perfect for  a cool fall day begging for a hearty bowl of soup for dinner. Continue reading

Vegetable Medley

Sometimes I toss a bunch of chopped and sliced vegetables into a skillet, stir fry and create vegetable nirvana. I impress my P.S. as well as myself. He thinks I’m talented, I know I just got lucky. We love veg medleys and usually eat them from a steamer bag purchased in the freezer cases. Or we wing it and get all chef-y. Continue reading

Spinach Dip Pasta Salad

Spinach Dip Salad

Spinach Dip Salad

I found this recipe on PInterest and sent a link to my daughter, Emily.  She said exactly what I said upon finding it: omg I never thought to do this!  As much as we love spinach dip, adding pasta to it seemed like a really great idea.  It would be eating spinach dip with soft noodles instead of my preferred Wheat Thins.  Since I love spinach dip, I’d be willing to try it delivered a different way! Continue reading