Vegetable Medley

Sometimes I toss a bunch of chopped and sliced vegetables into a skillet, stir fry and create vegetable nirvana. I impress my P.S. as well as myself. He thinks I’m talented, I know I just got lucky. We love veg medleys and usually eat them from a steamer bag purchased in the freezer cases. Or we wing it and get all chef-y. Continue reading

Ham and Bean Dump Soup

The temperature is down to the 60s and 70s suddenly. From record breaking heat to comfortably cool, it’s fall. Fall doesn’t last long here; winter moves in fast. Snow in October isn’t unusual. Up North we dig out our coats, boots and gloves and shrug. Life goes on, it just takes us longer to get dressed.  We wear layers because it might be 70° during the day but it can drop to 30° as the sun goes down.. Continue reading

Freezing Butternut Squash | Honey Maple Roasted Squash

Maple Honey Roasted Butternut Squash

Maple Honey Roasted Butternut Squash

For Thanksgiving I made a butternut squash dish that was roasted with cinnamon and honey.  I was determined to make it ahead of time, as I did many other dishes.  My question was, could I freeze the cubed squash and roast it later?  I had to do some research but I did have success!  Sadly, it still wasn’t easy to peel and cube the darn stuff.  But it was frozen and would save me much time later.
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