White Chili {or maybe kind of tan}

White Chili with Cheddar

White Chili with Cheddar

Whenever I make white chili I think of my sister Dawn who hosts Super Bowl Sunday for her hubby and friends each year.   Several years ago she called me for the recipe for white chili.  She jotted as I read it off to her and then she got off the phone and promptly lost the recipe.  We laughed as she wrote it down and dashed off to the store to buy a few items she needed yet. Continue reading

Jambalaya {with or without beads}

Jambalaya Jambalaya

One of the neatest ladies I’ve met online was Bayuqueen.  Wanda shared recipes and stories with me in a music chat program.  Sadly she passed away a few months after Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on her life.  I cherish my memories: a handful of strings of Mardi Gras beads  and the recipe for Jambalaya that she shared with me. Continue reading