Vegetable Medley

Sometimes I toss a bunch of chopped and sliced vegetables into a skillet, stir fry and create vegetable nirvana. I impress my P.S. as well as myself. He thinks I’m talented, I know I just got lucky. We love veg medleys and usually eat them from a steamer bag purchased in the freezer cases. Or we wing it and get all chef-y. Continue reading

Cucumber Caviar

Cucumber Caviar

Cucumber Caviar

Normally I wouldn’t use a weight watchers recipe. I’m not a follower- I have more success simply counting calories on an app. But cucumbers are my world!  I eat them in almost any way, shape or form. This caviar sounded good.  It had all of the ingredients and flavors of guacamole, minus the avocados, add the cucumbers. It’s probably more correctly called a salsa but that’s just semantics. You’ll want to grab a chip and dig in. Continue reading

Dad’s Favorite Soup: Saurkraut and Shredded Pork Shoulder

Dad's Sauerkraut Shredded Pork Soup

Dad’s Sauerkraut Shredded Pork Soup

Time to return to my favorite hobby: food blogging. I took a break for a few months after my father’s death.  I needed to deal with grief as well as his estate. I have, however, also been photographing my most interesting recipes in the meanwhile.  It’s about time to make them into posts again. Hopefully I’ll remember the steps I took in making them! Continue reading