Pulled Pork Wild Rice Casserole

I’m still hunting ways to use the large amount of pulled pork that results from a pork butt roast done in the crockpot. I’ve had a few successes. We really liked the pulled pork with noodles I posted awhile back. The other night I decided to actually record the recipe and substitute wild and white rice for the noodles. We live wild rice Up North and it’s always nice to find a dish we can slip it in. Continue reading

Wild Rice Grain Bowl with Chicken

After having a wild rice bowl at a local restaurant I told my P.S. they’d be easy to make at home.  I wouldn’t have any problem chopping and layering a great grain bowl.  P.S. (Patient Spouse) was interested in the idea since he hadn’t ordered the bowl.  He’s more of a rice blend person than I am and was looking longingly at my meal.    Later I looked up ideas online to see what combinations looked best to make it a meal dish. Continue reading

Sweet Peas and Wild Rice Salad

Sweet Peas and Wild Rice Salad

Sweet Peas and Wild Rice Salad

I don’t remember what I was searching for when I ran across the Crystal Farms website recipes.  I was charmed that everything had cheese, until I realized it was a cheese website!  Duh.  But I am a huge fan of wild rice and this salad was something I’d never seen.  It was mostly vegetables and wild rice, and very few carbs.  The recipe was from the Minnesota Wild Rice Council, and I always make sure my wild rice is from Minnesota. Continue reading